How to Enjoy Vegas and Be Frugal.

In my last post, I promised I would give you tips on how William and I saved money, but had a BLAST in Sin City!


1.Download the App

Seriously. Do it. Right now. Well, maybe not right now if you don’t plan on going to Las Vegas anytime soon. The app will tell you the places with the cheapest drinks, happy hours, cheap tickets for shows and what time the shows are, the best night clubs and what their theme is (so you don’t walk into a club with your very handsome husband and let him get hit on all night, by other men….) and so much more! This app helped us because it was MY first time going to Vegas.


2. Tix4Tonight booths

This is the best way to go to get cheap tickets for Vegas’ awesome shows. They sell the tickets that haven’t been sold yet at ridiculously discounted prices. Be very careful, because timeshare representatives are ALL over the strip. They stand next to Tix4Tonight booths and try to get their customers to “buy tickets” from them. (Yeah… I don’t know this from experience or anything… maybe one day I’ll write about the time William and I got suckered into a timeshare meeting in Vegas…) Not only do they have tickets for shows, but they have reservations in restaurants and drink coupons as well.


3. Book slightly off the strip

I know everyone wants to be in the midst of all the chaos and festivities Vegas has to offer, but we stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel (which is just off the strip) and walked to the strip, now you can’t wear your heels and do this, but it’s about a half a mile walk. The Hard Rock is the coolest hotel, I’ve ever stayed in. It’s like a museum! We stayed there one day and just took everything in! Also, note that most hotels will give you drink/gambling coupons with your stay, which is awesome! I recommend you use them!


4. Plan your itinerary before you go!

In the heat of the moment, you’ll want to go to the most glamours restaurants and end up spending a TON! If you plan out how you will hit the strip (or old vegas), you will end up saving a lot! Use the app to plan your food around happy hours.


5. Walk away from a slot machine if you haven’t won ANYTHING in a while.

I know it’s exciting and you’re getting free drinks from pretty waitresses, but if you’re consistently losing money… That won’t be exciting later. Take a break! Walk around the casino you’re in and be in the moment! Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells (maybe not the smells) from that place. Vegas is known for it’s colors and lights, remember this moment. Not the picture from a slot machine screen…


6. Sign up for the casino rewards program

Most of the big name casinos have a rewards program you can join, using the rewards card you can earn points while you play to use towards more slot play. These cards are also good for discounts at their restaurants. At the Hard Rock, the menus for the restaurants had a regular rate and a Hard Rock member rate which was cheaper, AND you earned points towards slots when you showed the server your card, too.


7. Airport Shuttle and Uber

When you get to the airport there are lots of shuttles that will take you to your hotel AND pick you up for your departure for about $14. This is the cheapest one we found. Uber is an app that is basically a taxi service, for way cheaper than a taxi. Las Vegas had just allowed Uber to run when we got there and it was a life saver! We’re talking a taxi ride for $25 was only $6 with Uber. It’s awesome, the only downside is they are NOT allowed in the airport, so for that I suggest the drop off/pick up shuttle!

For more traveling cheaply tips, check out my other blog post.


*All photos found through google or flickr, all labeled for reuse.


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