Saving and Shopping


Grocery shopping is the WORST, there’s too many old people (my sister in law always says that), but you can turn it into a game by seeing how much you can save!


Making a shopping list helps you narrow down what you need, so you can avoid what you don’t!

Look over that list with apps!

Look at your list then browse theses apps to see what rebates your groceries can get you! I use Ibotta, Shopkick, Receipt Hog, and Checkout 51. All of these are great and reliable! I also use the Tom Thumb app for personalized coupons based on what I’m spending (Just for u section) and Target’s cartwheel app!


Be Flexible!

Sometimes the store brands are JUST AS GOOD. Seriously, if you’re looking at cereal for your kids, store brands are cheaper and they’ll never know!


If you’re a gluten-free nut like me, then you need to look at the clearance. Gluten free stuff goes on sale all the time, because its rarely bought! I get pasta on clearance all the time! Also, look at the ground meat and hotdogs for the clearance, yeah the expiration date is close, but you can always freeze them. Or serve them that night! YUM!


If you have more tips to share, please let me know so I can save, too!


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