Teachers; what are they good for?


Teachers (in my opinion) are the most important part of anyone’s life. Think back to your days as a student.

You probably only remember 2 teachers.One that you completely adored and he/she is a fond, fond memory. The other, was the worst person on the planet. He/she lived to make your life horrid.

The influence teachers have on a child is amazing. I hold teachers to the highest standard. If you think about it logistically, teachers spend more time with their students, than the student’s PARENTS! Whoa, that means that during the younger ages, teachers have a greater influence on students, than their own parents. If a teacher ever called you something outside your name, that probably stuck with you. If a teacher made you feel inadequate, that probably stuck with you.

Teachers need to chose their words wisely, we need to remember that these could be our kids. How would we want someone to treat our children?


Whether or not we see it, kids look up to us. They see how we hold ourselves, how we talk to each other, or about each other, and they model it after us. The greatest thing we can teach children is that they are an upstanding citizen of the community.


I mean is that:

  1. They have a voice, that should be heard.
  2. Their peers have voices that deserve equal respect.
  3. They are a small part of something larger.
  4. They are important and that they hold themselves that way.


Be careful what you say and HOW you say it, because little ears are always near.


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