Turning an OLD frame into cute!

When you inherit old frames, but don’t feel right throwing them out. Pay homage, by making them modern and cute! Something you’ll actually use!

I know MeeMaw would want me to use it rather than lose it!

Turning a frame older than me into a cute chalk board!

1. Grab your favorite color spray paint! (I used matte) And grab some chalk board paint. Or make your own by looking here.


2. Take apart that frame and glass.

Obviously, this isn’t the same frame, but this one’s the next adventure.

3. Spray paint that frame! (Not the glass part)


4. While the frame is drying, paint the glass part with chalk board paint. I had to paint it with 2 or 3 coats.IMG_0135

5. When it’s dry put it back together.MEXICO6. Hang in your kitchen for a cute menu board! Or in a bedroom for kids to play with! Or in a classroom, wherever!


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