Library Procedures Lesson

Hey, if you’re anything like me, you need these kids to get those library procedures ASAP, because I ain’t yo mama, and I don’t want to clean up after you.

So, I’ve created a fun, easy and quick lesson to get your kids to understand how to act in the library. Feel free to use this!

First, I show them this Pikochart.

Our school has carts that have the genre/dewey decimal on the side, so that students can check in their books and place them in a nice, neat order.

Then, once I’ve gone over the procedures of the library, I show a fun video!

I pause in between the questions to make it more interactive. The kids can see how important it is to behave in the library.

Then, if time allows, I play this fun song!

We talk about our voice levels in the library.


This may seem PreK-ish, but let me tell you, the songs are really fun for 5th grade, too! It really helps the kids see the expectations and the WHY of the library!

Check out more on my Pinterest: JaclynBing


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