Easiest Listen to Reading Station EVER

I stumbled upon the easiest listening to reading station ever! In our district we are only given 1 iPad for the classroom… (SAY WHAT?!?!) So you have to come up with some pretty creative ideas on how to use that iPad. I used it for a listen to reading station during literacy centers.



I use this app. This app (shown above) is all those old school readers we used to use for small group. You know the ones that came with the journey’s basil back when we could still use teacher editions?!

It’s great for DIFFERENTIATION!! (You know that big word that Principals like to hear!) All the books are leveled and you can tell the kids which book group they can listen to! It high lights the words and reads the books to them.


I attached a headphone splitter (shown above) and let the kids work in their guided reading groups to listen to a book then answer these FREE worksheets to prove they listened! (And help with comprehension, or another skill that we’ve talked about in class.) These are also DIFFERENTIATED!

Here are the instructions I used, not the cutest, but it gets the job done. I attached it to the table that my iPad and splitter sits at.

Guys, this is seriously the easiest listening to reading station. The students click on an app, listen to a story and work together (or separately depending on your group) to do a worksheet, that you can use as documentation. You can see what the kids are getting (or not getting).


Thankful Turkey!

During the month of November, there will be a naked turkey outside the library! (OH NO!)

img_0878Click here to get the instructions sheet, shown in orange.

It’s the student’s job to dress the turkey. They have to write what they are thankful for on a feather and place it in the box (to be reviewed and taped on the wall.)  I found free feathers clip art here!

img_0879I put the feathers in a lunch bag, and stapled it to the wall. (This could’ve been prettier, but I was excited and wanted to put it up fast!)

It’s not the sexiest turkey, but it works and the kids are excited! It generates a thankful spirit on the campus and that’s awesome!!


What are your thoughts? What do you do on your campus to help build thankfulness?

Mock Voting Booths

In our libraries, I have created mock voting booths. The students are learning about the candidates and are encouraged to vote for who they believe should be president. This has been such a fun activity and it really gets kids excited about a civic duty many of us take for granted. It’s also been fun to actually research the candidates myself and decide who I believe would best lead our country.


Feel free to use my examples!


I used a trifold to display the information on each candidates. I got this information from Scholastic. Copyright is provided on each page. (After, I’ve introduced each candidate to the students.) Next to the candidate’s bio, there is an example of what it would look like if you wanted to vote for that candidate.

Taped to the table are the instructions for voting and an empty tissue box where you place your voting-ballot! It was easy to put together, but it’s been such a success and the kids are very excited.


Book Character Pumpkins!


If you are looking for a fun Fall activity for your library, look no further!

My library is covered in book character pumpkins!! (What’s that, you say?) Well, what a great question!

I sent home flyers to parents inviting them to work with their students, at home, to paint their favorite book character on a pumpkin! This activity is great, because it gets parents and students working together and discussing books! *Another great thing about it, is that it’s entirely done at home! So you don’t have to mess with it except displaying them!*


I’m taking it a step further and next week I am going to have the lower grades come and practice “voting”. The favorite pumpkin will get a PRIZE!


This is an easy, fun and engaging activity that parents and students ADORE! Please use this and take my examples! Let me know how it works for your school!

Teachers; what are they good for?


Teachers (in my opinion) are the most important part of anyone’s life. Think back to your days as a student.

You probably only remember 2 teachers.One that you completely adored and he/she is a fond, fond memory. The other, was the worst person on the planet. He/she lived to make your life horrid.

The influence teachers have on a child is amazing. I hold teachers to the highest standard. If you think about it logistically, teachers spend more time with their students, than the student’s PARENTS! Whoa, that means that during the younger ages, teachers have a greater influence on students, than their own parents. If a teacher ever called you something outside your name, that probably stuck with you. If a teacher made you feel inadequate, that probably stuck with you.

Teachers need to chose their words wisely, we need to remember that these could be our kids. How would we want someone to treat our children?


Whether or not we see it, kids look up to us. They see how we hold ourselves, how we talk to each other, or about each other, and they model it after us. The greatest thing we can teach children is that they are an upstanding citizen of the community.


I mean is that:

  1. They have a voice, that should be heard.
  2. Their peers have voices that deserve equal respect.
  3. They are a small part of something larger.
  4. They are important and that they hold themselves that way.


Be careful what you say and HOW you say it, because little ears are always near.